Review – Harry Potter & the philosopher’s stone

First book review what better than beginning with my favorite book series of the world  a k a Harry Potter! I’m super excited to share with you my thoughts about it and to write for the first time a book review in english (ok i’m afraid too). So let’s get started!

The day of his eleven years, Harry Potter, an orphan raised by an uncle and an aunt who hate him, sees his existence upset. A giant comes to fetch him to take him to Hogwarts, the famous school of witchcraft where a place awaits him forever. Flying on brooms, casting spells, fighting the Trolls: Harry Potter turns out to be a truly gifted wizard.
But what mystery surrounds his birth and who is the frightful Voldemort, the mage whose name no one dares to pronounce?



You know what? Since i’m a blogger i never tried to write a review for this book series… and i think it’s way harder than for others reviews!
And it’s harder too because it’s also the first time i read this series in english. But let’s try!

The beginning was like the first time I read it in french: a whole new world for me. I had the feeling that i discovered once again this well-known story and i like this feeling. I was happy to find that all the humour and irony about the Dursleys was here in the french version AND in the english one.

And i was delighted to see that reading this book posed no difficulty… until i met Hagrid! If you haven’t read the french books you don’t know about that but Hagrid speaks in a normal way in our novels. And in english version, Hagrid has some difficulties to speak properly. And it was a bit complicated for me, since i’m a beginner in english reading.
So it took me a while to familiarize myself with his way of speaking. Nothing insurmountable though!

Meeting once again each characters was also great. I love so much young Hermione and her desire to prove that she’s a good witch, Harry and his discovering of wizarding world, Ron and his brothers… and even Drago Malfoy!
But even more for Dumbledore, who is for me the best headmaster Hogwarts ever had (and has a good sense of humour by the way).

Anyway it was very pleascent to jump in the wizard wolrd. Even after all these years, i’m still amazed by the world J.K. Rowling created. I always love shopping time in Dungeon Alley, the entrance at Hogwarts and banquets. But first of all, i love so much the Christmas’ scene, when Harry discover his presents and how it feels more magical than others scenes in classroom. 

In fact, « after all this time » this book (and the other six) continues to make me happy and feeling myself like a part of something special. And no saga ever had the power to make me feel so.
I’m looking forward to talk to you about the second book and i’m already excited about it! And i think you already guess that it’s a huge and big heart stroke for this one!!



★★★★★ / 5



Title: Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone

Author: J.K. Rowling

Publisher: Bloomsbury publishing

Pages: 352

Format read: Paperback


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      • Je n’en ai pas vu, c’est pas mal du tout ! Il n’y qu’une chose qui me chagrine, c’est les « i » à la place de « I » 😛 Ce n’est pas (seulement) par principe mais parce que ça rend ma lecture heurtée.
        Bonne continuation 🙂

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        • Ha oui… j’ai complètement oublié que les « i » sont toujours en majuscule (oupsi) 😅
          Il faut dire que, pour ma défense, cela fait 4 ans que je n’ai plus eu un seul cours d’anglais. Du coup, j’essaie de garder le niveau avec Netflix & compagnie (merci pour l’invention du Streaming) et avec les livres aussi 🙂


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